Group: The Family Heroine

This group is for

Adult daughters of mothers with mental illness and co-dependency. “Hero” archetype in family: achiever, fixer, caretaker, attuned to family (and others’) needs.

this group works on

Building and maintaining connected relationships while recovering from complex, attachment-based trauma. Taking interpersonal risks. Speaking one’s own truth. Building and maintaining boundaries. Regulating anxiety in relationship settings. Giving self permission to have needs & trusting others to have capacity to hold/meet those needs. Group is “process” oriented, meaning it works with the psychological material present in the group itself to create learning experiences.

group expectations

Participants are required to either be in concurrent counseling or have a known therapist “at the ready” for support with material surfacing in group. Participants not in counseling with group leaders will be screened for fit before participation in group. Participants are asked to commit to attending at least six of every eight session series. Maximum of eight participants with two therapist facilitators.


This group is co-facilitated by myself and mental health therapist Corrina Skildum.


$100 per person per session.

thursday 11:45-1:30