Things do not change; we change.
— Henry Thoreau
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My job is to see my clients through their masks and create an experience of authentic connection to cultivate healing and change. I believe that spending time with a present, empathetic and compassionate other is a basic human need. As a therapist, I know both how important this need is and how underfed it can become. Naturally we attempt to meet this need with friends and family, however even when surrounded by loved ones we may find ourselves desiring something more. This is where finding a therapist suited to you and your personal style can be a good investment of time and energy.

My background balances research-driven and scientifically minded psychology with a holistic, systemic, and presence-based approach to therapy. As I weave this together, a session may include both a mindfulness-based meditation and a brief educational offering about the brain. I also often use humor in my counseling, but have discovered this is difficult to communicate on a website without sounding disingenuous. (Trust me though, I'm funny!)

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact me to arrange a free consultation.


  • First Class Bachelor's of Science (Honors) in Psychology from Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • Master's of Arts in Psychology with Systems Counseling Specialization from LIOS Graduate College, Saybrook University