Getting married is an incredible experience, and an incredible stress.

Let me help.

Despite all the stories I'd heard about the stress of planning a wedding and getting married, I was shocked by the overwhelm of both emotions and logistical details when I recently went through this process myself. I was also shocked by how much support I craved.

While wedding stress is incredibly normal, you don't need to suffer it alone. Getting married is truly a personal and profound experience, different but important for each individual in their own way. I am here to offer support in this process.  If you're finding yourself overwhelmed, anxious, struggling with family dynamics, or facing deep personal questions as you embark on the journey of martial commitment, let's talk about it. 

I invite you, brides and grooms, individuals and couples, to contact me if you are finding the process of getting married to be more difficult than it needs to be. While I do not offer relationship counseling, I work with both individual members of a couple and the couple itself in preparing emotionally for their wedding day.  

My own experience taught me the magnitude of this experience. Let me help you maximize joy on your wedding day by providing the support you may be missing.