I can’t remember the last time I was completely relaxed.
If I look after myself before others, people won’t like me as much.
I feel afraid that if I fail at something, people will lose respect for me.

At least one of these statements is probably true for most people at some time. However, they can also be the evidence of anxiety. 

Anxiety is a slippery beast. In many contexts, it's extremely helpful. It motivates us to prepare for an upcoming presentation or exam. It helps us perform well when it matters most. It keeps us focused on safety and reminds us to prepare for the future. Sometimes though, it gets out of hand. A drive to succeed can become perfectionism, where expectations become unrealistic and a failure to meet them brings intense suffering. Life's bumps can overwhelm with stress, and keep us up at night trying to plan for every possible future. Selflessness can become the law of the land, where needs go constantly unmet because of the fear of judgment. If you're suspicious of the role anxiety is playing in your life, contact me. I offer a free 50 minute consultation where we can discuss your concerns and you can decide if counseling is right for you.

Let me help you find the balance between living well, doing well, and feeling well.